Don't forget the air conditioner in the car to be so open in the summer. Cool and save money

2018-05-15 14:08:37

Now the temperature is getting higher and higher, and the air conditioner has to be turned on when driving out. However, there are still many misunderstandings in the process of using air conditioners. It not only affects the performance and life of the air conditioning system, but also affects human health and even life. Tea brother will tell you the following, how to use the summer car air conditioning is correct?


Open the window and then open the air conditioner after exposure

After the sun has passed through the sun, do not open the air conditioner urgently. Instead, open the window and the door to lower the temperature inside the car. After a few minutes, close the window and turn on the air conditioner. This will not only let the toxic substances in the car be released, but also cool down. .

Internal and external circulation alternate use

The inner circulation can quickly reduce the temperature inside the car in the summer, but the air is continuously recycled. The air quality will decrease for a long time, and the oxygen content will continue to decrease. Under extreme conditions, the inside of the vehicle will have dizziness and lack of oxygen. Therefore, when the air outside the car is good, the outer circulation can be used, which can fill the car with fresh air and improve the air quality inside the car. However, if the environment outside the car is very bad, do not use the outer circulation in dust, smog or on the traffic jam.


Air conditioning should not always be in the low gear

Many drivers think that it is very expensive to drive the air conditioner to the maximum gear, and the fan noise is also large. However, if the low gear is used for a long time, when the air conditioner is used, a lot of dust will be sucked to form dirt, and the mold will change after a long time. Therefore, we need to open the air conditioner to the maximum gear regularly, and it can effectively remove dust in about 10 minutes.


Never open the air conditioner to sleep

Parking is shut off with air conditioning, the engine is idle for a long time, the gasoline is not completely burned and produces high concentrations of harmful substances such as carbon monoxide. In addition, the carbon dioxide exhaled by the human body increases, the oxygen is reduced, and headache, chest tightness and even suffocation are prone to occur.


Turn off the air conditioner and turn off the flame

The driver's car is a simple engine start at the next start. Otherwise, the air conditioner that is not completely turned off will start up with the engine, and the high load operation will easily damage the engine. We'd better turn off the air conditioner a few minutes before we get to the destination, which will eliminate the temperature difference between the air conditioning duct and the outside world, keep the air conditioning system relatively dry, and reduce mold growth.


Always start air conditioning

If the air conditioner is not used for a long time, the rubber ring will be deteriorated, and the lubricating oil on the internal parts of the air conditioner will also dry out. Therefore, whether it is winter or summer, air conditioners should be turned on and used every week for a few minutes, which can effectively prevent the evaporator and the aging of the compressor.


Reminder: The bacteria in the summer dust will stick to the condensate and block on the evaporator and other parts. If you feel the air blown out by the air conditioner is turbid, dusty or musty, then the owner can choose some cleaning methods. Go to the market to buy the car air cleaner, or go to the car repair shop for maintenance.