Many people do not know the knowledge of car air conditioning use!

2017-05-01 11:46:05

Summer is coming, air conditioning will come in handy

When you drive, do you first turn off the fire or turn off the air conditioner first?

Many drivers are often after the flameout

I remembered to turn off the air conditioner.

In fact, this practice

The damage is very big!

Wrong way: first turn off the flame and then turn off the air conditioner


Turning off the air and then turning off the air conditioner is harmful to the engine, because when the vehicle is next started, the engine will start with the load of the air conditioner, and such high load will damage the engine.

The best way: turn off a few minutes before going to the destination, this can turn on the natural wind, make the temperature inside the air conditioning duct rise, eliminate the temperature difference with the outside world, thus keeping the air conditioning system relatively dry and avoid mold propagation. Also, the air conditioner should be turned on after the vehicle is started for two or three minutes and the engine is lubricated.

Many people do not understand the use of car air conditioners. Once the operation is wrong, it will not only affect the performance and life of the air conditioning system, but also damage the health of the people inside the car!

Is the outlet arbitrarily plucked?


Some drivers do not pay attention to the adjustment of the wind direction when the air conditioner is turned on, thus affecting the air conditioning effect. Due to the physical principle of rising hot air and sinking of cold air, it is recommended that the driver should place the air outlet properly upward when opening the air conditioner, and the air outlet should be facing down when the heating is turned on.

Air conditioning time is also elegant?


Many drivers often turn on air conditioners when they get on the bus, and long-term use of car air conditioners will greatly increase the condenser pressure, which will greatly increase the loss of the refrigeration system. Therefore, the air conditioning time should not be too long. When the temperature inside the car reaches a relatively comfortable temperature, the air conditioner can be properly turned off for a while, and then the air conditioner is turned on again after a while.

In the summer, enter the car immediately to open the inner cycle?


In the hot summer, many car owners used to enter the inside of the car to open the inner circulation of the air conditioner, thinking that this can make the temperature inside the car drop faster. This is wrong because the temperature inside the car is higher than the temperature outside the car, so this is not good.

Since the inner circulation is the circulation of air in the car, the oxygen content in the car is gradually reduced. When the gasoline in the cylinder is unsafe, the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide generated may leak into the passenger compartment, resulting in worse and worse air inside the vehicle. . Therefore, it is recommended that the owner should use the air conditioner for a period of internal circulation and then switch to the external circulation to activate the ventilation.

Sleeping with air conditioning after parking

Automotive air conditioning, electromagnetic clutch, complete clutch, pulley, coil, suction cup, engine pulley

In order to relieve fatigue, some people parked their cars on the side of the road, closed the doors and windows, turned on the air conditioner, and “enjoyed” the comfort brought by the coolness. In fact, this is a very dangerous thing, because the engine is working, such as gasoline in the cylinder. Incomplete combustion can produce high concentrations of carbon monoxide, which can cause poisoning and even death. Therefore, it is not advisable to sleep in the car with an air conditioner to avoid danger.

Air conditioning is always on at minimum air volume


Most car owners mistakenly think that the air conditioner will be more fuel-efficient when it is opened to the maximum, so it will try to choose a small air volume. In fact, in the process of using air conditioners, air bubbles are often sucked in, which will form dirt. When the time is long, mildew will occur. If the wind is mainly for a long time, it is difficult to blow the scale inside the air conditioner. Going out will affect your health. Therefore, at regular intervals, the air conditioner should be turned to the maximum gear, and the dust accumulation can be effectively prevented in about 10 minutes.

Smoking in the car with air conditioning


Some people turn off the air conditioner and smoke in the car when they are parking or waiting in the car. In fact, this is harmful to the health of the car, because the doors and windows are closed, the smoke can not be discharged, it will naturally Stimulate your eyes and respiratory system. Therefore, parking air conditioners is harmful, smoking is harmful to health, remember to adjust the air conditioning ventilation control to the "discharge" position.

Are you caught in these misunderstandings? Tell the people who drive around!