Car air conditioning is not cold 5 simplest analysis methods

2017-04-10 11:38:04

1. Lack of refrigerant

Car air conditioners generally add refrigerant once in 2 to 3 years. Some cars even have a big car head year after year. Is the refrigerant in the car flying? Why do you want to add it frequently? Does the air conditioner have a sealing device? Besides, it depends on the air conditioning and the cooling process is a physical reaction, and it does not need too much loss of refrigerant. Why is it gone? In fact, even if the air-conditioning seal is very tight, it can't resist the flight of the refrigerant, plus the air-conditioning pipeline or the condenser has a slight leak.

The loss of refrigerant is mostly based on leakage. If your car has a bad air conditioner, after adding the refrigerant for a while and then it starts to be bad, then you should pay attention. This situation usually occurs, most of which is the rhythm of bloodletting. If the condenser leaks, the condenser needs to be replaced. The method of checking the leak is also more troublesome. Generally, the fluorescent agent is added with special glasses to see the dew point. where! There is also a relatively simple method for the case where the leakage is relatively serious, and the surface of the condenser can be seen to have oily and wet conditions through the net. In this case, the condenser is generally leaky.

2 air conditioning flap damage

The fault of the air conditioner flap motor is relatively rare, and it has not happened. If the flapper motor has a problem, it is troublesome. The flapper motor is generally in the middle and lower part of the instrument panel. It belongs to the main switch of the air conditioner tuyere. If it is broken, it means that the switch is broken. Even if the air conditioner can cool the cold air, it can only be drilled from the seam. Come out, there is a big meaning of drinking and quenching thirst. When you find that all the winds do not go out after the air conditioner is turned on, you should be careful. It is necessary to dismantle the instrument panel when replacing the flap motor.

3. The condenser is dirty

In summer, air conditioning is often found to be bad. There is no problem in detecting the air conditioning system. The high and low voltages are basically normal. When going to the 4s shop to repair the car, the owner is often recommended to do a cleaning tank. The purpose of cleaning the water tank and condenser is mainly to dissipate heat. In the spring, the poplar catkins are stuck on the condenser, which will cause the engine temperature to be too high or the air conditioner to be bad. Therefore, whenever the spring is over, the owners must check whether the water tank is on the tank. I have a lot of hairs. When cleaning, be sure to use a blow gun to clean it first. It is counterproductive to cleaning with a water gun. Not only does the air conditioning fuel consumption increase.

4. Air conditioner compressor, throttle valve or expansion valve is damaged

There is such a sentence in the air-conditioner compressor circle that it is called “low-pressure high, high-pressure low-replacement compressor”, and I don’t know that the predecessor’s ability is so brilliant. The probability of damage to the air conditioner compressor is not great, so you don't have to care too much. As for the failure of the expansion valve and the throttle valve, the air conditioner is directly defective. These checks are cumbersome and need to be repaired by a more professional repair shop.

5. Belt aging is too loose

Everything about the air conditioner was checked, and it turned out that there was no problem. What went wrong? In fact, the belt is also a relatively neglected part. Generally, the belt will remind you to replace it when doing maintenance. If there is no slippage in the use of the project, it will cause the belt to break, the belt is abnormal, the power is not helpful, the air conditioner is bad, etc. . So checking the engine belt is also very necessary.

There are many reasons for poor air conditioning, such as the temperature sensor inside the car, the failure of the outdoor temperature sensor, etc. There are many very small reasons for not checking, and there is no need to check the air conditioning. Excluding the above 5 points, there will be no problem.